Green Bazaar

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Visit the Green Bazaar

To feel the city’s real taste, its atmosphere and local color you should visit the city market. The Central collective farm market, known as “the Green Bazaar”, is truly a sight of Almaty.

Almaty is the city where you can buy everything. Numerous shopping centers in every district offer products from around the world. Shopping becomes not a tiresome necessity but a way of a pleasant time spending. Ultra-modern shopping centers offer not only goods but services, cafes, restaurants, skating rinks, beauty salons and much more for children and adults.

To feel the city’s real taste, its atmosphere and local color you should visit the city market. I’d like to tell you about one.

The Central collective farm market, known as “the Green Bazaar”, is truly a sight of Almaty. Here you can buy the freshest products: vegetables, fruits, herbs, dried fruits, meat, fish, poultry, groceries, confectionary and pastry. There are some shopping streets, boutiques with Kazakh souvenirs, building materials, crockery shops and others. Quite often you can meet celebrities looking for some national delicacies. From the very morning many restaurants of Almaty buy products exactly at that place. Hereyou can buy almost everything – from a beam of green sweet parsnip to a bowl of sparkling and foamy koumiss at a price of some clinking tenge.

On the Green Bazaar you can buy cooked delicacies called shuzhuk (kaz. shuzhyk) – Kazakh national sausage made from fleshed horsemeat, which is preliminary kept in curing mixture of salt, sugar and garlic for three-four days, and than stuffed into the small guts.

Shuzhuk is a semi-finished product used in different ways. Just 4 hours later after the filling the small guts you can boil it (not less than 3 hours), eat it as a second course with garnishes, dry it in the sun and wind during one week or just smoke it. Raw smoked shuzhuk requires 18 hours of smoking and further three-day drying, or steaming after the smoking and secondary smoking.

Usually shuzhuk is not eaten as the European sausages. Each time people need meat for dinner they boil it quickly just before the use and then use it for soups or for second courses. Thus, shuzhuk is one of the forms of meat preserving and keeping, used in Kazakh cuisine for centuries.

Kazy – another delicacy from horse meat which could be made on Green Bazaar just in your presence. It’s made by filling a natural horse gut with the horse fat meat from ribs (usually the meat is coated with relishes and spices), and not just with minced meat, but with the meat on a rib as a whole, receiving, in such a way, a large semicircle.  Also you can buy ready-made kazy: boiled, smoked, dried… To take it abroad you should get a specific certificate.

On Green Bazaar you could buy the most delicious and freshest ingredients for cooking real Kazakh beshbarmak.

Beshbarmak/besbarmak or Kazakh meat (kaz. Kazakshaet, beshbarmak) – one of the main dishes of Kazakhnational cuisine, which is cooked for special occasions.

The dish consists of boiled meat and noodles (kaz. shelpek/zhayma) in form of the big rectangles and strong broth. The meat could be made from “four types of cattle” (kaz. tort tulik mal) – mutton, beef, horse meat and camel meat. Traditionally, before the guest comes, it’s appropriate to slaughter a ram, and the festive dish should contain horse meat. Before serving, boiled meat could be poached with herbs and bulb onion. Semi-finished products from horse meat (kazy, shuzhuk, zhal, zhay) and potato could be boiled together with meat.

Among milk products you should draw your attention to:

Kurt – dried cottage cheese in balls. Could be salty or slightly salted. Added to the beshbarmak broth. One of the most valuable sources of natural calcium.

Irimshik or saryirimshik – something average between cottage cheese and cheese. Usually irimshik has light brown color and sweetish taste. Sweetness is natural, without sugar addition.

Koumiss – sour-milk drink from mare’s milk. Considered as bracing mean and used in the pulmonary tuberculosis treatment.

Shubat – sour-milk product from camel milk.

Visiting Green Bazaar is a little fascinating adventure. You could taste, take part or watch the cooking process, buy national delicacies.

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